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Carex acutiformis Ehrh.


utriculi with enclosed fruits (diaspores)

utriculi with enclosed fruits (diaspores)


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Diaspore Typology fruit
Fruit Typology non-fleshy fruit
Heterodiaspory 0
Morphology Code fruit|2|
Nutrients 0
Aerenchym 1
Flat Appendages 0
Elongated Appendages 0
Hooked Appendages 0
Mucilaginous Surface 0
Other Specializations 0
No Specializations 0
Further Comments -
Length 3.77
Width 1.81
Height 1.17
Diaspore Shape 0.09
Diaspore Form spherical
Diaspore Surface Structure 0.93
Diaspore Mass NA
Terminal Velocity 1.38
Exposure of Diaspores covered partly
Seeds per Diaspore 1
Anemochory Ranking Index 0.75
Epizoochory Ranking Index 0.59
Hydrochory Ranking Index 0.76
Total Number of Citations 7
Proportion of Anemochory Records 0.29
Proportion of Dysochory Records 0.00
Proportion of Endozoochory Records 0.00
Proportion of Epizoochory Records 0.14
Proportion of Hemerochory Records 0.00
Proportion of Hydrochory Records 0.57
Proportion of Records for Other Types 0.00

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